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Our Staff

The staff at TC Dance Club International in Satellite Beach, FL look forward to making your venture into ballroom dancing one of your best dance experiences ever. Highly experienced and personable, our staff loves ballroom dancing and loves teaching! TC's instructors go through a specialized and rigorous training course with TC Dance Club International.


Geoff Sandland - Co-Owner

Geoff grew up in the dance world, starting to dance at eight. Reluctant at first, he finally caught the bug and was trained by some of the top dancers in our organization. In 1982 Geoff began to teach in his father’s club in London England. He graduated thru Professional Gold level and as an examiner.  He worked his way from teacher to supervisor, registrar and eventually manager.
In 1989 after a brief spell at the Arthur Murray Studio in Beverly Hills, Geoff went to work at TC Dance Club in Kansas City. After winning top teacher awards in his first year Geoff was brought into Mr. Chapman’s management team as Supervisor joining Geri Parsons (Registrar) and Ken Shaver (Assistant Manager).
In 2000 Geoff and his wife Kelly moved to Florida to try their hand at opening their own club in Melbourne. They ran this club until November 2009 when they moved back to Kansas City. Geoff worked as a teacher then supervisor and finally general manager becoming a partner in the club in 2011.
Now back home with Dad as Manager, examiner and Advanced Teacher.


Kelly Sandland - Co-Owner

Kelly started her Ballroom career in 1993 as a teacher at the TC Dance Club in Kansas City. She worked as an advanced teacher for her early years during which time she worked her way through her professional levels finally graduating her professional Gold. After mastering advanced teaching she turned her focus on to specialist teaching where she really excelled, winning top teacher awards in the Honor Roll and other TC Contests.

In 2000 Kelly and her husband Geoff opened their own club in Downtown Melbourne which they owned until 2009 building from scratch to a student body of 35 members . After a four year return to Kansas City to be with her family Kelly is now back in Florida with us here in Satellite Beach. 


John Evans

A long time member of a Dance Studio in Orlando that started as an Arthur Murray Franchise under M/M Wilbur, later joined TC Dance under Carl Green and Ed Russell. They were followed by Jose Marino and his wife Cindie. Though the Club is no longer a part of TC, John finds time to work with out clients two days per week and we are honored that he is willing and able to do so. John is an experienced teacher and an extremely advanced dancer who is way above Gold. He is a true professional. I ma delighted to have John as a part of our team.


Alfonso Izaguirre

I was born and raised in “The Windy City”, “Chicago, Illinois and recently moved down to the Space Coast in 2014 to get away from the bitter cold winters that comes with Chicago.

I began dancing at the age of 9.  My 2nd grade teacher enjoyed putting together small dance routines together for the class to have fun and for exercise.  Two years later, she asked 4 of us to perform one of our favorite routines on stage in front of the entire Grammar School.  From that performance I was recruited by Polo Garcia, A professional dance teacher from “America Baila”, to be part of his South American Folkloric Dance Team.

Year later, I was introduced to Ballroom Dancing after becoming a dance instructor for Arthur Murray Dance Studios in the Chicago area.

I am delighted to now become a part of the Satellite Beach Dance Club International team.


Joe Long

Joe is a Satellite Beach-native and a graduate of University of North Florida at Jacksonville with a criminal justice degree. He is a former border patrol agent. Joe is an avide fisherman. He is a new addition to our staff, and is excited about embarking on his Ballroom Dance career.