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Learn Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Cha Cha, Tango, Foxtrot, Country, Rumba, Hustle, Merengue, Samba and more!

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At TC we are all about dancing and enjoying people. Dance club members are people of all ages, walks of life and professions. They all love learning to dance socially and participating in our social dance events. This is a great place to meet the nicest people in town. Take a peek

Learn Right Here, Right Now

You can get a taste of what fun it is to learn right here. See the basic steps for dances like Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango and Rumba on our Learn the Dances page.

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TC Dance Club in Satellite Beach has the most experienced, dedicated and friendly teaching staff in the entire Brevard County area. Get to know our Staff

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Learning to dance is one of life's most enjoyable experiences and can provide you with an opportunity for exercise, great personal satisfaction and an exciting new circle of friends. Best of all, you don't have to be an expert or have a partner to begin enjoying it all. The fun starts with your very first lesson at our Satellite Beach Club!

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What is social dance?
Social dance is a partnering between two people working as a team to dance confidently and comfortably on the dance floor.

What's the difference between ballroom dance and other types of dance?
All forms of dance thread through one another but ballroom dance requires 2 people traveling around the dance floor.

What is meant by European dance style, American dance style and International dance style?
International or European dance is competitive while American dance is more social used at weddings, dancing parties and social events.

Do you teach beginner to dance lessons?
Yes, we specialize in beginners. They are wonderful to teach with their desire to learn and enthusiasm to dance.

How old to I have to be to take dance lessons?
You can start to learn to dance as soon as 7 years old to 100!

What are the physical requirements to take dance lessons?
Anyone can dance, so the physical will only prevent you from dancing if you let it

Do I have to compete or be judged at TC Dance Club?
No, TC Dance Club is a social studio. Our dinner dances are strictly about having fun in a social atmosphere.

What are the different grade levels of dance?
There are 3 dance levels used at TC Dance Club Bronze, Silver and Gold.We teach lessons in all 3 levels.

What kind of dance syllabus does TC Dance Club use?
Our syllabus is TC Dance Club which is a syllabus of dance lessons recognized throughout the world of social dancing.

What is the dress code at TC Dance Club?
Our Dance dress code is casual, but we do request no jeans or sneakers.

Can I come to the dance club to practice on my own?
Yes, you can come to practice dance any time you like during business hours.

What are the hours of operation at TC Dance Club?
TC Dance Club is open M-F 2-10pm (please call to confirm)

Can I take dance lessons just for my wedding or special event?
Sure, for any event you may have! Of course we have special wedding packages for the bride & groom or the whole wedding party! Everyone is welcome to learn to dance.

Do I need a partner to sign up for dance lessons?
No partner is needed; your teacher is your partner as well as the other members of the club who love to dance and teach lessons.

Can I still take dance lessons if I have a small disability?
Not a problem, in fact our form of dance lessons may actually help the disability.

How many types of dance should I learn when getting started?
Our Lessons usually start out introducing the 6 foundation dances to our beginners.

Do I need to purchase dance shoes right away?
Dance shoes are never needed but are helpful and can be bought when you feel you would like a pair.

What happens if I miss a group dance class?
Don’t worry, if you miss a group lesson there are many activities during the week. In fact there are about 12 newcomer classes per month.

What are the benefits while learning to dance?
Benefits of dance range from better exercise, social involvement, confidence, stress relief, enjoying free time more while simply having fun with life.

Do I have to be a beginner to come to TC Dance Club?
No, while we have beginners here at TC Dance Club, we also teach lessons to intermediate dancers as well as advanced students that are all taught by board certified instructors.

I’m afraid of looking silly, can I take dance lessons with 2 left feet?
Here at TC Dance Club we LOVE people with 2 left feet. We specialize in making them RIGHT!

Are there club benefits at TC Dance Club?
As a member there are lots of activities to enjoy that are reserved for our members.
From special lessons and themed parties we are always doing something interesting!

Will I make new friends while learning to dance?
New friends are one of the prime benefits of belonging to a dance club, and the choice is yours.

What is the atmosphere at TC Dance Club?
Friendly, Social, Fun, Happy, Educational and just to have a great time!